I am a Champion for Jesus. Hear me roar! … This poured out of my heart this morning.

I believe it’s true of me AND you!
See, it’s this Savior Jesus who died for us so that we may live fully alive and bring glory to His Name – not just after this life, but right now, today!
• Today, let us not miss the opportunities to believe God and to walk with Him courageously, boldly, step by step, in His love! Our giants are not too giant for Him! He will give us hope, help, deliverance and victory!
He calls us by name today and says: ‘You are not a leftover or left alone. You are a lion, a champion, made by Me and for Me! Now, live out loud for Me! ROAR!!!’
• God will never let you down. He will never push you past your limit where His grace cannot reach you and keep you. He will give you the strength to overcome if you will just trust Him. Is your giant too giant? God can handle it!!
• Now, move forward, Champ, with all of your heart for God’s glory, and ENJOY the life that Jesus died for you to live!
• The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that you may have life and have it to the full, until it overflows. John 10:10